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Physics Training Instruments

Physics Training Instruments

We offer a comprehensive range of Physics Training Instruments. In our range of Physics Training Instruments, we offer a number of Tools and Apparatus, which are required to perform important physics experiments. We deal in Cells, Keys, Resistance Box, Hydrometer, Slotted Masses, Weight Box, Pulleys, Levers, Spectrum Tubes etc.


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  • High quality
  • Superior performance
  • Durability and reliability
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Low cost

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Rheostats Kinetic Theory Model
Cells Digital Balance
Keys Slotted Weights
Wheatstone Bridge Physical Weight Set
Post Office Box Force table
Resistance Box Linear AIR track
Electric Field Apparatus Boyle’s Law apparatus
Milliken's Oil Drop Apparatus Optical Bench set
Van De Graff Generator Tuning Fork Set
Worcester Circuit Board Spectrum Tubes
Westminster Electromagnetic Kit Component (NPN, PNP, Silicon Diode, Diode Valve, Triode Valve) on Board
Hydrometer LV Power supply, Auto trip power supply, Energy Meter Demonstration,
Ball and Ring Apparatus Effect of Electric Current, Demountable Transformer,
Charle's Law Apparatus Speakers/ Loud Speakers on base, Amplifier for Loud Speaker/ Microphone
Calorimeter Signal/ Function Generator, Lux meter, Sound Level meter
Magnets and Compass Laboratory Trainer Kits/ Electronic Circuit Trainer kit
Slotted Masses Worchester Circuit Board, Westminster electromagnet kit &motor kit
Weight Box Ripple Tank, Thermostat Model, Digital Volt and Current meter
Pulleys Motors on Base, Dynamic Trolley, Kinetic Theory model
Levers Capacitance/ Resistance Substitution Box
Ripple Tank Decade Capacitance/ Resistance/ Inductance Box

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